CPAP Accessories & Supplies

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CPAP Accessories & Supplies

There are a wide range of accessories and suppliers that can make your CPAP therapy much easier, tolerable and somewhat enjoyable.

For instance, CPAP pillows will ensure you get comfortable since most masks are not designed to allow you to sleep in any position other than on your back. A specially designed CPAP pillow provides the extra comfort while you sleep reducing the risk of mask leaks. You can enjoy more hours of uninterrupted sleep by using a suitable CPAP pillow.

Other accessories like nasal pads are also designed to enhance comfort during sleep apnea therapy. Some users develop rashes or skin irritation a couple of weeks after using CPAP devices. Nasal pads are perfect for those with sensitive skin or to prevent mask leakage.

There are specifically designed CPAP moisturizers that are used to prevent skin irritation and nasal dryness during treatment. There are even users who experience nosebleeds after wearing CPAP masks for an extended period. Nasal moisturizers that are designed for CPAP therapy do not contain any chemicals that can breakdown your mask and reduce its lifespan unlike the ordinary facial moisturizers. Get a moisturizer that is safe to use with our CPAP mask.

If travelling with your CPAP mask, you need proper power adapters and batteries to be able to enjoy your therapy wherever you go. You can choose from different categories including plug-in power adapters, DC power cords which you can use in the car or a portable battery pack which you can use when travelling in a remote location.

There are other accessories such as cleaning wipes and sprays that can help you to increase the lifespan of your CPAP equipment and maximize its efficiency. These wipes and sprays make it easier and faster to keep your CPAP equipment clean. Choose from our wide range of accessories and supplies to make CPAP therapy easy and more efficient for you.

CPAP Accessories in Toronto

As one of the most effective treatments for sufferers of sleep apnea, continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP for short, typically requires the purchase of a machine and a mask to wear during your sleep. Along with these aforementioned items, PROFMed Healthcare Solutions is proud to carry a range of CPAP accessories for Toronto and GTA-based customers. From cleaning systems to custom pillows, there are different kinds of accessories out there that are certainly beneficial to any owner of a CPAP

Among the most basic accessories, there are some that are absolutely essential for you to carry when travelling. A luggage tag can help point out that your medical device will not count toward the one permissible carry-on luggage as it indicates its usage as medical equipment. Of course, a Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug is an equally important item to own if you are a frequent traveler.

Other essential CPAP accessories available in Toronto include a variety of cleaning tools. The SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer will fully disinfect the CPAP mask without having to disassemble your gear and will essential keep it totally dry. Meanwhile, a tube cleaning system will help keep the hose clean and remain in great condition. After washing the tube, you can use the tool to either hang or suction it to dry. Last but not least among the cleaning accessories PROFMed Healthcare Solutions carries include a number of tube brushes flexible and long enough to pass through the system. This is certainly a necessary tool to ensure the tube stays absolutely sanitary.

Among the essential CPAP accessories for Toronto and GTA residents are those that will ensure your comfort while you are asleep. It should be stated that it is sometimes possible to experience skin sensitivity issues around the nasal area whilst wearing a CPAP mask. If you are experience irritation, leakages from the mask or general discomfort, a ResMed nasal pad can help minimize or stop these issues. If issues with the CPAP mask are primarily affected by the way you lie in bed, a cushion such as the Contour CPAPMAX Pillow can help improve your overall experience with continuous positive airway pressure therapy. The pillow will avoid interfering with the masks performance but will also provide a cooler rest. Control of the pillows thickness is equally in your hands as it includes a removable foam

There are certainly many useful CPAP accessories out there. Among the aforementioned ones, the likes of chin straps, battery packs, filters, humidifiers and cords are all essential aspects of ensuring your night is one in which you can benefit from a restful and satisfying sleep. Although time and patience will allow you to feel fully comfortable and at ease with your CPAP machine and mask, the range of accessories we provide will certainly help speed up that process and improve your comfort as well as ensure your equipment stays fully functional and optimal. For your CPAP-related needs around the Greater Toronto Area, feel free to call us at (416) 876-2544. We are happy to help!

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