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CPAP Therapy entails working with a machine to cure breathing problems, for instance, obstructive sleep apnea that can bring about serious health problems and undermine one’s quality of life. A CPAP machine blows pressurized air into a person’s airway ensuring continuous breathing and that the throat remains intact throughout the night.

At PROFMed Healthcare Solutions, we have the finest CPAP machines you can find in Toronto. Furthermore, we have killed and highly experienced professionals who will give you sound advice relating to CPAP therapy. They will also help you select the best equipment for your needs.

Our CPAP machines will assist you avert hypertension coming from sleep disorders, and heart disease.

Top Quality CPAP Products

PROFMed Healthcare Solutions only provides the very best products in Mississauga coming from well-known manufacturers like ResMed, Fisher&Paykel, and Respironics. We provide a wide range of equipment (CPAP) that include tubing, masks, pillows, filters, and nasal cushions. When you require any CPAP supplies, we will be delighted to provide them.

CPAP Devices

We have CPAP devices for both female and male consumers. The reason for gathering devices for each group is that we realize women and men exhibit dissimilar sleep issues and characteristics.

Moreover, our collection is from well-known manufacturers and brands. The machines are tailor-made to give a full therapy solution that fits your lifestyle and needs. We are willing to assist you to select a CPAP device according to your budget and lifestyle.

CPAP Masks

A perfect CPAP mask should fit right and be comfortable in addition to it not blocking your view. We have a variety of CPAP masks that you can choose from depending on your needs. From fully featured lightweight masks to beautifully colored ones, you are sure to find one that is the most appropriate and within your budget.

CPAP Accessories

We stock wide-ranging CPAP accessories including, travel charger adapters, luggage tags, mask pillows, and cleaning systems. These accessories are very useful to CPAP consumers. From cleaning tools that protect equipment to medical device traveling tags, we have it all.

We’ll assist you to choose the finest CPAP accessory that matches your lifestyle and needs.

CPAP Battery Packs

PROFMed Healthcare Solutions provides various CPAP battery packs that fit each consumer’s unique needs. We ensure that traveling with CPAP equipment becomes very convenient for users. Our battery packs power electrical devices such as lighting and phones, in addition to the machine you are using. Whatever your CPAP battery packs needs might be, we are all set to meet them.


Our patients have shown major improvements after utilizing our CPAP therapy. We have professionals who will ensure that you avoid making mistakes when undertaking CPAP treatment. They know errors such as selecting a poorly fitting mask will cause you soreness and discomfort.

Contact us today for a treatment journey that is a great experience and very beneficial for you. For any inquiries or pricing, call our office via 416 876 2544.

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