10 reasons why you should use your CPAP

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For most people in Toronto with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, CPAP is the first line of treatment and probably a better choice than alternative therapies. The challenge that doctors face though, is to convince the patient that CPAP is not as bad as it seems.

Dry mouth, nosebleeds, claustrophobia, noisy machines, despite all the horror stories that you’ve heard or the problems that you have experienced, there’s always a workaround.

If you have just given up on CPAP a few weeks into therapy, then here are 10 reasons why you must consider giving it a go and possibly, accept it for good.

  • Better Sleep: When was the last time you slept like a log and woke up feeling refreshed? After just a few weeks of CPAP, patients report feeling energetic and awake during the day time.
  • Your Heart: What you probably do not know, is that your OSA can be linked to your heart health. Patients with sleeping disorders often have underlying issues like high blood pressure which can contribute towards heart disease and it also increases the risk of stroke. Your CPAP treatment can help lower your blood pressure significantly. In many cases, patients have been able to reduce the dosage of their blood pressure medications.
  • Better Skin: Has the constant sleep deprivation left you with ‘Racoon eyes’? The improved sleep will help keep the wrinkles at bay. CPAP users have reduced facial puffiness and redness making them look sharp and younger.
  • Control Diabetes: Sleep apnea is common in people with type 2 diabetes. Continual CPAP therapy helps reduce insulin resistance. This allows the blood glucose levels to be stable in the body. In some cases, CPAP therapy has the same effect as an Oral Diabetic medication.
  • Ward off Dementia: The brain is affected due to the constant blockage in breathing during sleep which happens due to OSA. This can speed up the onset of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and memory problems. Studies reveal that it may also have a probable connection to Alzheimer’s Dementia. Thankfully, treatment with CPAP can help reverse the changes that occur in the brain.
  • Weight Loss: Yes. Sleep apnea has been linked with an increase in the levels of a hormone called ghrelin which makes the body crave carbs and sweets. So, your CPAP machine can help reduce your waistline.
  • Hearing Loss: If you have had trouble hearing things clearly the first time they are said, then it may be linked to OSA. Studies reveal that OSA can affect the flow of blood into the inner ear. Also, constant snoring can cause noise trauma.
  • Happy Partner: If you snore like a freight train, then you probably have a very frustrated partner who is equally sleep deprived. With CPAP, you can control your snoring and this will improve your relationship with your partner. And yes, you won’t be kicked out of bed in the middle of the night.
  • Between the sheets: Don’t remember the last time when there was some action between the sheets? Lack of sleep can be detrimental for your sexual life. It can be a significant cause for lack of libido and intimacy. Constant use of CPAP therapy lets you regain control of your life.
  • Take a vacation: Many chronic snorers avoid travelling due to the sheer embarrassment of sounding like a bear in an airplane. Now with the advancement in CPAP technology, there are compact travel sized CPAP machines that can easily be carried in a tote or in your luggage.

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