Tips for travelling with your sleep apnea equipment

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Tips for travelling with your sleep apnea equipment

Should you wish to travel or go on vacation, taking your sleep apnea device with you should not be a problem at all. With all the advances made in technology over the years, this type of equipment has become smaller and smaller, making travel far more possible than ever before.

In this article, we will take a closer look at air travel in particular, giving you some helpful advice to ensure that when you do travel with your device, you are fully prepared beforehand.


Contact the airline


The first thing you should do before travelling is to contact the airline and inform them that you will be bringing your device on board. Some sleep apnea machines can even be carried on as hand luggage and used on the aircraft.


Here are some other important things to consider:


  • Book a seat near a power source on the aircraft. This will allow you to use your sleep apnea device on a long-haul flight to ensure a good night’s rest, a good way to get your holiday off on the right foot.


  • Ask the airline what plug type the power source on the aircraft uses. Make sure that this is compatible with your device or get the necessary extensions if it is not.


  • Ask your doctor for a letter describing why you need the sleep apnea device and the details regarding positive airway therapy.


  • Consider the countries you are travelling to and ensure that you have the right power adapter for each country. Don’t worry, should you forget, you can get the relevant adaptor when you land, either at the airport, hotel or a nearby electronics store.


  • Double check that you have packed all the correct pieces for your unit. When packing it away, drain any water from the humidifier section of the unit. Remember to pack a power extension cord just in case you need one.


  • When using your device on the plane do not use the humidifier. Due to turbulence while in flight, there is a greater chance of water spilling which could end up damaging your unit.


  • Depending on where you travel, rather use distilled water than that found from any local source. This means your unit will be kept clean and operate properly.


Crucial information


Always have the following crucial information on hand.

  • The pressure at which your machine runs for your specified treatment
  • The type of mask you use as well as its size. Consider having the details of an alternative manufacturer that you have used before on hand as well.
  • Email and phone number for both your doctor/sleep specialist as well as the unit manufacturer.
  • All your necessary health insurance details.

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