CPAP Respiratory Products

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CPAP Respiratory Products

When diagnosed with sleep apnea, one of the key concerns is how to find the most effective treatment option.

CPAP therapy comes in a wide range of components including masks, tubing and humidifiers. We have in stock a wide range of CPAP respiratory products to improve your quality of life and make therapy comfortable, easier and efficient for every user.

As we inhale air, it travels to the respiratory system and oxygen is delivered to the lungs and absorbed in the bloodstream as it travels to the heart. There are people who have certain conditions and illnesses that restrict pathways and prevent them from getting adequate levels of oxygen absorbed in the blood. Oxygen therapy is designed to ensure adequate amounts of oxygen are supplied in the blood so that the individual can breathe better and enjoy a better quality of life.

Nebulizers are designed to create an aerosol that supplies medication directly into the lungs. They usually come with a facial mask or mouth piece which is connected to a compressor by a tube. By holding the mouthpiece in place, you can breathe until the vapor completely dissipates.

We have a wide range of nebulizer machines in stock. We have portable nebulizers that you can use without a power connection and they come in a compact size that fits in your bag or purse. We have nebulizers that use rechargeable batteries so you can use them wherever you go.

You may also access a range of nebulizer kits and supplies in our store. Whether you need an easy-to-use and disposable nebulizer or something compact that you can travel with, we have options that will enhance your therapy. You can opt for a disposable nebulizer kit that can be replaced after a few weeks with fast nebulization times. Contact us if you need help choosing the right CPAP respiratory products for your therapy.

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