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From Our Happy Customers

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us recently. It is so wonderful to know that there is caring person who is providing us with the CPAP equipment we need to ease my husbands sleep disorder.

- Mrs. JS. Bradford

I finally had time today to browse the wonderful world of your site and was impressed by your range of products. I chose the option to call you for advice and was pleased that it was helpful and genuine. You didn't try to push irrelevant products on me and I am satisfied with my purchase.

- Laura, Maple

I feel great, waking up in the morning when the alarm is going off the first time. I have more energy and seem to be thinking clearer. If you are not sleeping, I would give PROFMed a call.

- Garry

You fitted me with your CPAP machine about three months ago. I no longer snore, I can breath normally through the night and I wake in the morning feeling refreshed. I think it fair to say you have changed my life. Many thanks.

- Robert, Woodbridge

I have sleep apnea and sleep with a CPAP machine now. It's amazing the difference I've noticed in just a month.

- Ron, Toronto

I would like to convey my deep appreciation for the skilled and compassionate instruction and support I received from PROFMed. Recently, a CPAP machine and mask were prescribed for me. The CPAP device and intended implementation are certainly not business as usual, and I was a little apprehensive about setting up and using the machine. PROFMed were simply wonderful teachers and problem solvers. They offered in-depth knowledge about CPAP, and about sleep issues more generally, in a personalized and caring way. They also made themselves readily available for constructive follow-up assistance.

- Joe, Woodbridge, Toronto

I love my CPAP machine!

-Denise, Toronto

It's about time that customer service is important to someone. PROFMed really went above and beyond for my purchase.

- Justin

What a surprise! I did not think that device would work, but now I actually look forward to going to bed because I will get good nights sleep. Before I would wake myself up with my snoring, guests upstairs could hear me and I was always tired. My blood pressure is back to normal now. And, the device is not as ugly as I thought it would be!
- Linda, Brampton

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