Functions of CPAP supplies: How do they help sleep apnea therapy?

27 Jun Functions of CPAP supplies: How do they help sleep apnea therapy?

Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and restarts. CPAP Machine is intended to regulate breathing to control sleep apnea.

What function do CPAP Accessories & Supplies perform?

CPAP masks: Because CPAP masks are designed to sleep on the back, many users cannot sleep comfortably. CPAP pillows are created to achieve maximum comfort in this position; gaining a better sleep prevents CPAP mask leaks. You can enjoy more hours of uninterrupted sleep by using an appropriate CPAP pillow.

Nasal pillows: improve comfort during therapy. Some users develop rashes or skin irritation a couple of weeks after using CPAP devices. Nasal pillows are perfect for people with sensitive skin or to prevent mask leakage.

Air Mini Hard-Sided Travel Case: snugly holds the device to protect against daily knocks and spills while offering a quick and convenient solution for everyday travel and use.

Respironics Bedside Organizer: CPAP mask and hose storage that is easy to use and highly efficient. The Bedside Organizer helps you to keep your equipment clean and safe. A little weight holds your organizer in its place, making it very convenient to keep hanging on your nightstand or bed.

How to know if you suffer from sleep apnea?

Often the symptoms of a patient with sleep apnea can be confused with those of stress-related insomnia, which is why many people are slow to become aware of their condition. The main symptoms are waking up with a dry mouth, morning headache, trouble staying asleep, feeling excessively sleepy during the day, difficulty paying attention while awake, and irritability. If these symptoms extend beyond the time of acute stress, it is likely due to sleep deprivation.

Other symptoms are difficult for the patient to detect but may be noticed by people sleeping with the patient. If the patient snores very loudly every night or has episodes where they stop breathing during sleep, they likely suffer from sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea types

Obstructive sleep apnea: the most common form, occurs when the throat muscles relax.

Central sleep apnea: occurs when the brain does not send correct signals to the muscles that control breathing.

Complex sleep apnea syndrome: is also called treatment-emergent central sleep apnea, which occurs when someone has both obstructive and central sleep apnea.

What to do in case of sleep apnea?

The first thing patients who suspect they are suffering from sleep apnea should do see a physician, who will make an accurate diagnosis. Patients should also change their lifestyle, have a better diet, exercise, stop smoking and try to rest the necessary hours.

CPAP Machine is the best method to control sleep apnea. CPAP Machine regulates the air you breathe through a gentle flow so your sleep will be better and more reconstructed, avoiding the dangers of sleep apnea.

How do CPAP supplies help sleep apnea therapy?

CPAP supplies help make treatment more comfortable for the patient, which improves sleep quality. Some of them are intended to make it easier to move and care for the CPAP machine, extending the life of the equipment. CPAP supplies make the patient’s therapy more complete and pleasant. 

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