Getting Behind The Wheel Is A Huge Risk When You Are Exhausted

19 Jul Getting Behind The Wheel Is A Huge Risk When You Are Exhausted

Most people know that it is not a good idea to get behind the wheel of a car after having a lot of alcohol — they would take a bus, call a taxi or find another mode of transportation to get back home. While it’s common for people to take these precautions when they are inebriated, they often ignore these practices when they are exhausted.

Studies have shown that sleep-deprived drivers are similar to drivers who have had too much to drink — functioning with only four to five hours of sleep is comparable to having a blood alcohol content at the legal limit or higher. When someone is deprived of rest they have difficulty focusing, they blink frequently, they have trouble keeping their head up and they find it challenging to move in a straight line. The situation also impairs your personal judgment and reaction time, which are two qualities that are desperately needed while on the road. Not getting the required seven to nine hours of sleep a night raises a driver’s risk of getting into a vehicular accident and dying as a result.

Drowsiness and exhaustion are difficult symptoms to avoid when you are suffering from a common disorder like sleep apnea. One of the condition’s main symptoms is hypersomnia, otherwise known as excessive daytime sleepiness. The best way that people cure themselves of the alarming symptom is to turn to CPAP machines for respiratory assistance throughout the night — these will keep the main airway clear and unobstructed so that oxygen can reach the brain and the user will feel well-rested in the morning. You do not have to travel a long distance to find yourself a therapeutic CPAP machine in Canada — there are stores in locations like Toronto, Vaughan, Barrie, Milton and Mississauga.

You should have high-quality accessories and supplies to ensure that your CPAP therapy is effective. It’s possible to get your ResMed CPAP mask to fit your face and meet your needs perfectly — you can choose between options that are standard designs or nasal masks, that have thin or thick straps and much more. There are pillows that can contour to the shape of your head and neck so that you can comfortably lie on your side without putting pressure on your mask. There are liquid nasal CPAP cushions if you are afraid of your mask causing any discomfort or irritation to your skin. It’s imperative that you feel good about your CPAP therapy because you will need to use it every night to feel restored in the morning.

You need to be vigilant about your CPAP therapy treatment because neglected sleep apnea poses a risk to road safety — the untreated disorder puts the driver, along with other cars, cyclists and pedestrians on the road in danger. The Canadian Lung Association has stated that someone with sleep apnea is seven times more likely to get into a car collision than drivers that do not have the condition. The good news is that the risk of motor vehicle accidents for sleep apnea is significantly reduced when the patient treats their disorder using CPAP therapy — apparently, the rate of accidents went down by seventy percent when patients used the device for at least four hours a night.

It’s important to acknowledge that the dangers of driving while sleep deprived are not that different from driving while under the influence of alcohol. If you feel particularly tired, it’s better to carpool, call a taxi or take public transportation to your destination. Even if these alternatives seem inconvenient, it is better to spend the money or take the extra time so that you arrive safe and sound.

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