How Can You Make CPAP Masks Work for You?

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Looking for a CPAP Machine in Toronto? Contact PROFMed Healthcare Solutions!

With a team of leading CPAP experts, PROFMed Healthcare Solutions has an extensive range of CPAP machines perfect to help you resolve your troubles with sleep apnea. From ResMed to Philips Respironics, we have almost every brand on the market so that the needs of our clients can be fully met. Every machine and piece of CPAP equipment comes with different capabilities and options. These discrepancies can certainly make the selection process an intricate one but with our professionals to guide you, finding the right CPAP machine in Toronto has never been so easy.

Making their debut in the mid 1980’s, CPAP machines were originally created as a short term substitute for sufferers of sleep apnea before undergoing surgery. However, its popularity surged as a home treatment, with just over 100 patients relying on this kind of device in 1985 to well over a million treating sleep apnea at home today. It is thanks to these devices that you can easily find and rely on a sleep apnea machine in Toronto as well as all over Canada.

As mentioned there are many different types of CPAP machines on the market. Fisher & Paykel for instance provide a multitude of respiratory care products and systems worldwide. Among the many machines they produce, the F&P ICON+ Premo is a small and compact machine that can easily sit on your night-stand and holds an integrated humidifier and water chamber so your rest is a truly comfortable one. Another model, the F&P ICON Novo delivers options for flexible data communication and its stylish and contemporary design make it a popular choice as well. The fact that it looks more like a regular household appliance than a medical device certainly helps its overall appeal.

The Philips Respironics is more famously known for being the brand to release the original CPAP device, and today this company delivers an equally diverse range of CPAP machines. Most popular is their REMstar M Series which features a variety of different machines that come in small and smooth designs perfect for travel with or without the choice of an integrated humidifier. Along with offering standard CPAP therapy devices, Respironics equally supplies a selection of bilevel positive airway pressure machines in their BiPAP Auto M Series with Bi-Flex which allows for some of the most natural and comfortable breathing options available in sleep therapy. Thanks to Respironics, a sleep apnea machine in Toronto is easily at your disposal.

DeVilbiss is another option that includes among the most complete options in the way of sleep apnea machines, having considered many recommendations in order to ameliorate patient adherence. It is devised to start slowly and increase gradually in order to facilitate acclimation by the user. There are many other great CPAP brands and accessories available through PROFMed. We certainly cannot forget to mention the incredibly popular ResMed devices as well. With so many great options to chose from, we are happy to facilitate your search for a CPAP machine in Toronto and surrounding areas. If you are looking for a CPAP or BiPAP machine, call us today at (416) 876-2544. We will help resolve your sleep troubles just like that.

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