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Eson™ Nasal CPAP Mask

The latest release from Fisher and Paykel healthcare is designed to automatically perform in tune with you and your needs. It truly is a great mask with low effort and makes mask selection easy. Three small, streamlined mask components work in harmony for greater performance, stability and auto – adjusting comfort.

Sizes available: small, medium, large.


This mask is easy to fit and has only 3 simple components. The Rollfit™ seal ‘rolls’ back and forth on the bridge of the nose to adjust automatically. The rollfit seal also incorportates Integrated Stability Panels to optimize sealing performance and stability all night long.

The headgear is ergonomically desined and will self locate high on the rear of the head to allow for the head to have maximal movement without mask dislodgement. If the pillow is a problem for bumping your mask then this mask is your solution.
The easy frame has a low profile and allows for clear line of sight. The one frame fits all 3 sizes and has an easy clip frame for easy assembly after cleaning. The ball and socket attachment at the front of the frame allows for freedom of movement and prevents drag from the tube


  • The Rollfit™ seal technology has easy auto – adjusting fit for comfortable seal
  • The Ergofit headgear self locates on the head for maximum head movement
  • Advanced air diffuser is whisper quite and there is no air that bothers your partner

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