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F&P ICON™ Novo – CPAP Device

The SleepStyle™ 600 series with ThermoSmart™ is the first CPAP in the world to constantly deliver optimal humidification with anti-rainout benefits.

ThermoSmart™ technology offers a unique heated breathing tube that allows the constant delivery of higher optimal levels of humidity and the prevention of condensation, optimizing patient comfort and sleep. ThermoSmart™ clears the way for optimal therapy success and unsurpassed levels of patient comfort.


F&P ICON™ Lifestyle Features

  • Size
    Small and compact for the night-stand, with a fully integrated humidifier, power supply and a hidden water chamber so you still get the best in humidification and comfort while you are sleeping.
  • Style
    Designed to look more like a household appliance rather than a medical device with neutral colours to blend into any bedroom environment.
  • Forward Facing Display
    You now have complete control of the menu system at the touch of a button without having to sit up in bed to find the controls.
  • Clock/Alarm
    No need to squeeze multiple items on the night-stand. The F&P ICON™ is all you need with a clock and alarm function.
  • Sound
    AlarmTunes™ means that you can wake-up to your favourite songs! Download music onto your SmartStick™ using SmartStick™ Studio software and you will enjoy less ‘tone’ and more ‘tunes’.

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