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Transcend II Travel CPAP Machine – CPAP Device

What Makes Transcend Different is what makes it better.

Transcend is different from other CPAPs in many ways. The most noticeable differences are in its size, power options and humidification advancements.

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Transcend is the smallest CPAP in the world. Weighing less than a pound, it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. And its completely unique HME (heat moisture exchange) humidification keeps the whole system small, compact and hassle-free.

Conventional CPAP humidifiers are cumbersome. Anyone who has had to maintain one knows they require constant cleaning, can be messy and require access to distilled water—not something you want to lug with you on vacation—but they also have the potential to burn out and break down.

Transcend’s Waterless Humidification Systems begins with the patented use of HME technology. The HME is a small, disposable piece that works naturally with you as you breathe to provide the humidification you need. No more spills, breakdowns or cleaning trays!

The Transcend sleep apnea therapy system begins with our Starter System. Everything you need fits in one compact bag.

Included in the Starter System:

  • Transcend CPAP
  • Standard 6-ft Hose
  • Universal Hose Adaptor
  • Universal AC Power Supply
  • Travel Bag
  • CD containing user manual, compliance software, and Quick Guide
  • Video User Guide DVD

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