Why and When to Replace CPAP Supplies?

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Why and When to Replace CPAP Supplies?

The benefits of replacing them are unmistakable.

It’s important to replace your mask and accessory supplies on a regular basis to ensure you are receiving the most comfortable, effective and hygienic therapy possible. The life of your mask is impacted by use, oils from your skin and cleaning. But even with regular care and maintenance, your mask and accessories can become worn out over time. Your headgear, cushion or pillows may stretch out or deteriorate, your tubing and humidifier water chamber may develop tears or cracks, and your air filter may become old and worn. As a result, your therapy system will not be performing at its best.

The easiest way to ensure you are receiving optimal therapy is to replace your equipment on a regular basis. Many insurance companies will cover the cost of replacing your mask, headgear, cushion, tubing, water chamber and air filters. Contact your insurance provider to find out what replacement options are available to you.

Why and When to Replace CPAP Supplies

You may need to replace your CPAP supplies to ensure effective therapy, if you answer yes to any of these questions:

Mask cushions and pillows

  • Have the edges of your cushion or pillows become stiff or cracked?
  • Has your cushion changed to an opaque color?
  • Are you experiencing discomfort, redness or skin irritation?

Device filters

  • Does your filter show signs of wear, such as discoloration? If so, your filter may not be protecting you from everyday allergens.
Mask (excludes headgear)

  • Are you experiencing excessive leaks? You may be able to replace your mask or just your cushion or pillows for more comfortable therapy.

Tubing (standard or heated)

  • Has your tubing begun to change to an opaque color?
  • Has your tubing developed tears? Small tears can occur between the coils, causing air to escape and reducing the effectiveness of therapy.
Headgear and chin strap

  • Has your headgear stretched?
  • Do you find you are over-tightening to avoid leaks?

Humidifier water chamber

  • Has the water chamber become discolored or cloudy?
  • Do you see any cracks or pitted areas?
The replacement schedule listed is based on the guide provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Please check with your provider or insurance company to confirm your replacement options and frequency.

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