The Types of CPAP Machines North York and Which One Would Be Best for You

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27 May The Types of CPAP Machines North York and Which One Would Be Best for You

CPAP machines North York provide a constant pressure of air when a person is inspiring and expiring during sleep. This is a therapeutic procedure that is used at home and in clinical settings. There are many different CPAP devices that are available on the market including continuous flow CPAP machines, portable devices and demand-flow CPAP units.

All of these different CPAP devices vary in terms of performance, complexity, ability to apply humidity, safety features and monitoring capabilities. All of the machines, however, are built to strict standards and are completely safe to use when following your doctor’s advice.

Types of CPAP Machines Vaughan

There are 3 common types of CPAP machines Vaughan for sleep apnea available on the market including the following:

  • CPAP machines
  • BiPap devices
  • APAP machines

The type of CPAP device that you would select should be based on the type of therapy you require and on your own personal preferences.

CPAP Machines

These sleep apnea devices provide a constant flow of air to patients to help them breathe while sleeping. The prescription for the machine that is provided by the doctor will indicate the air pressure setting that should be followed. This setting has been determined by the results of a sleep breathing test that was done earlier.

These types of CPAP machines North York are the most popular kind described for obstructive sleep apnea. The pressure setting provides assistance with breathing and you will be inhaling with help from the machine and exhaling against the same resistance as determined by the pressure setting.

BiPAP Devices

Bi- level positive airway pressure machines are different from CPAP machines Vaughan since they provide 2 different levels of pressure for the airway. There is one setting that has been determined for inhalation while another setting has been determined for exhalation. BiPAP systems are generally prescribed for somebody that has a severe case of obstructive sleep apnea. The different settings allow the air to cycle in and then out much easier than it does with CPAP machines.

APAP Machines

Auto-adjustable positive airway pressure machines are automated so that they work with a pressure range that has been preset. This is not to be confused with a set pressure since these devices offer a range of different pressures. These APAP machines automatically adjust the pressure during the night in order to meet your needs for every breath you take. Many people find that APAP devices are more comfortable than regular CPAP machines.

It’s important to note, however, that you will typically have to pay more for an APAP machine than you would for a CPAP machine. While some insurance companies will cover the cost for an APAP machine, some will ask you to try a CPAP device first unless your physician has specifically prescribed an APAP machine for you. If this is any concern at all, talk to your physician after you have received your sleep test to find out what your options are and which machine would be most recommended for you.

The Best CPAP Masks North York

Once you have determined the best type of sleep apnea machine, it’s time to take a look at CPAP masks North York. The mask that you choose will also determine how comfortable your sleep is at night. There is a wide variety of masks available in Canada and in most cases you’ll be able to choose the one that is the most comfortable for you. The most common CPAP masks include:

  • Nasal masks
  • Full face masks
  • Nasal pillow masks

Nasal masks cover both the mouth and the nose while nasal masks only fit over the nose. Nasal masks provide a lighter feel overall when compared to full face masks. Nasal pillow masks, on the other hand, are more minimal in design than nasal masks are and they are also more lightweight. They also provide a higher level of visibility and openness than the others.

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The Benefits of Each Type of CPAP Mask

At first glance it may seem apparent that you should opt for a smaller mask that provides a higher level of openness and visibility. These are great masks for people that like to read at night or watch TV since the mask doesn’t hinder their visibility at all. They are also perfect for anyone that suffers from claustrophobia and feels like a smaller mask would be better for this reason.

Smaller CPAP masks North York, however, may not provide enough of a seal for you. It’s important to have a good seal to make sure that no air leaks out when you are having your therapy at night. Larger full face masks often provide a better seal than the lightweight ones and some people find them to be more comfortable.

There is always a balance between finding something that you feel comfortable enough to wear every night and something that provides the best therapy for you. In some cases your doctor may recommend a certain type of mask for you while at other times you may be given the opportunity to choose the best one right at the start. Often, a person will start with one mask and then try out others to see which one gives the best fit, the best therapy and is the most comfortable.

There are different types of masks available for CPAP therapy but they aren’t prescribed as frequently as the 3 listed above. Some sleep apnea patients may require a total face mask that covers the entire face, an oral mask that only covers the mouth or a hybrid mask that offers different combinations of coverage. Your physician will let you know if any of these other mask types would be best for you.

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