Is the Air Pressure Is Too High On Your CPAP Machine?

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15 Jan Is the Air Pressure Is Too High On Your CPAP Machine?

A large part of effective CPAP treatment for sleep apnea is determining the correct air pressure level to best suit your needs. There is no one perfect setting for every patient, so it can take multiple consultations to get it right. Having the right air pressure level for you helps to maximize the benefits of CPAP treatment, however having an incorrect air pressure level can have some negative consequences to it. Understanding how to recognize high or low pressure will help you get the most effective treatment and comfortable experience, so make sure to follow these tips.


The air pressure in CPAP machines are measured in cm/H2O, a unit of centimetres of water pressure. The highest pressure most CPAP machines can offer are near 20-25 cm/H2O, however the average pressure for most sleep apnea sufferers is only 10 cm/H2O. The pressure level is adjusted based on a number of factors including size of airways, age, weight, and other health concerns beyond sleep apnea severity.


There are several side effects that can be noticed from air pressure that is too high. Symptoms may include uncomfortable CPAP therapy, air leaks from your mask, dry mouth, swallowing air, and increased fatigue. Luckily, it is often easy to detect when the pressure is too high by how uncomfortable the pumping air feels and treatment effectiveness. Always pay close attention for these signs when you are starting treatment or switching to a new CPAP machine so you can have it corrected quickly.


You may feel inclined to try and change the air pressure yourself, however it is advisable to see your doctor or trained CPAP machine professional to help you adjust it. The process of titration helps professionals determine the correct air pressure for you.
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