How Are Sleep Apnea and High Blood Pressure Connected?

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19 Feb How Are Sleep Apnea and High Blood Pressure Connected?


They may not be seen as similar issues, sleep apnea and high blood pressure are actually closely related. As sleep apnea restricts the amount of oxygen in your body, it affects blood oxygen levels, which the brain needs to function effectively. As a result, the brain signals for blood vessels to tighten and increase blood pressure to improve the flow of oxygen.


While sleep apnea can be a major factor in high blood pressure, it is also linked to other habits, such as diet, alcohol, caffeine, and other sleeping conditions. Poor sleep and diet have direct and indirect effects, as it can increase stress levels as well as motivate you to drink more caffeine, both of which are closely connected to high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension.


However, CPAP therapy as a sleep apnea treatment is often prescribed as an effective treatment in cases of regular high blood pressure, and even as a supplement to resistant high blood pressure that is already being treated. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Therapy is a form of sleep apnea treatment that blows pressurized air into airways, opening the relaxed muscles and allowing for more oxygen intake during sleep.


Sleep apnea and heart-related conditions also have many common causes, such as high BMI, poor diet, tobacco use, and alcohol. Reducing these risk factors can help treat and prevent both sleep apnea and high blood pressure alongside using CPAP machines and other medication.
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