Sleeping Tips to Use during These Challenging Times and CPAP Machines Toronto

28 Sep Sleeping Tips to Use during These Challenging Times and CPAP Machines Toronto

We have been living in challenging times during the last year and a half and have had to face a lot of uncertainties. As a result, many people have found their sleeping habits upturned due to anxiety and stress. A healthy sleep is important for many different reasons and when you can’t sleep properly, it can cause problems in all other aspects of your life. As well, sleeping problems can end up becoming chronic problems over the long-term.

People using CPAP machines Toronto with sleep apnea may also suffer the effects of anxiety and restlessness due to these changing times. In order to get the best sleep possible, whether you need to use CPAP masks or don’t need CPAP machines Toronto, follow the tips listed below.

Sleeping Tips That Can Be Implemented at Night

Just before going to bed get your body used to a dark environment. This means that you should turn off most of the lights at least 10 minutes before heading into a dark bedroom. This stops your body from having the shock of going from bright lights into darkness and helps you transition from daylight to nighttime at a slower and more gradual pace. You want to get yourself as calm as possible without any sudden shocks just before going to bed.

Create the most comfortable environment for the night ahead of time. Make sure that any CPAP machines Toronto and CPAP masks are ready to be turned on and worn and turn off any electronic devices ahead of time. There are many studies suggesting that blue light can interfere with regular sleep. 

Be sure to sleep in a quiet, dark and cool room. Reduce the amount of stress you are carrying before trying to get to sleep. If you find that you have thoughts racing around in your head, there’s not much use lying down and putting your head on your pillow. Learn more about breathing exercises you can do while sitting up in bed to get yourself more relaxed before physically lying down. 

Don’t have caffeine during the evening hours and make sure that you have had some form of exercise that day. If not, put off doing any exercises until the next day. Exercise will get your heart pumping, meaning that it will take you extra time to go to sleep.

Sleeping Tips That Can Be Implemented during the Day

It’s important to maintain a constant routine during the day when at all possible. If your work schedule has been interrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s important to take a look at how you can create some type of regular schedule even with the interruption. Perhaps you can have one certain time of the day when you exercise, a time when you clean your CPAP devices Toronto, another time when you cook etc. It’s vital to have some semblance of normality in place in order to help with your sleeping habits.

Another thing you can do is to help your body recognize daytime and nighttime. Don’t get in the habit of staying up really late and then getting up late. Sleep as you normally would during normal times. This means that you should get exposed to the early morning light as soon as you wake up to give your body the chance to get accustomed to a new day.

Avoid going to bed during the day since it can confuse your body regarding its nighttime schedule. If you feel like you have to have a nap in the daylight hours, consider lying down on your couch or leaning back in your recliner. This will help your body recognize that your bed is for a nighttime sleep where you fall deep into slumber for hours at a time. If you have to use CPAP machines Toronto during your nap, simply bring it out of the bedroom for the time when you are lying back comfortably in the living room.

Make Sure That You Clean CPAP Devices Toronto Every Day

It’s a great feeling when you climb into bed knowing that your CPAP devices Toronto have been thoroughly cleaned that day. CPAP masks and CPAP machines Toronto should be cleaned every morning as soon as you have woken up for the day. You should never leave the cleaning until the last minute before you go to bed since this can turn your CPAP machine into a breeding ground for germs. Rest comfortably at night knowing that you have a schedule in place for cleaning your device so that you can get the best sleep possible.

Consider the Best CPAP Masks for You

If you are finding that your mask isn’t fitting properly and is disturbing your sleep, take a look at the other CPAP masks on the market to find the best one for you. You may need another one that is similar to yours that fits better or you may want to get another type completely. You can purchase masks that fit over the entire nose and mouth or you can look at CPAP masks that are only nasal, which you may find to be more comfortable.

Avoid Eating Right before Bed

When it’s bedtime you want your body to relax as much as possible. If it is busy digesting food, it is working hard and this may stop you from getting to sleep. As well, if you suffer from acid reflux, you may find it aggravated if you have recently had some food before going to bed. Consider taking your last bite of food at least 2 hours before calling it a night.

Find out more tips about getting the best nights’ sleep possible when using CPAP machines Toronto and CPAP masks by visiting our website at We are a leading CPAP devices Toronto company with knowledgeable and experienced consultants available to answer any of your questions.

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